Daniel Terragno Roshi was born in Santiago de Chile. In 1967 went to the United States to study. He has been living there ever since. As a layman, his life combines the practice and teaching of Zen with his professional activity as a cabinetmaker.

_He started his spiritual practice in 1969 with Gurdjieff line of work. In 1988 he met his Zen Teacher, John Tarrant Roshi, first Dharma heir of Aitken Roshi. John Tarrant Roshi supervised the practice and training of Daniel as an Apprentice Teacher (Sensei) since 1995.

_In 1997, Daniel founded the Rocks and Clouds Zendo (www.rocksandclouds.org) in the town of Sebastopol, California. He received Transmission of the Dharma there in January 2001, starting his independent teaching. His Dharma name is Ki Nai Nan Ko "Returning Home in the Temple of Southern Light".

_His life is rooted in a wide experience of social work and dedication to others, both characteristic of engaged Buddhism.

_He has been travelling to South America for the last six years to meet and practice with his Sangha in Argentina, leading Zazenkai and Sesshin and giving lectures and talks. Since 2005 he is also going to Chile, organizing similar activities in Santiago. Besides, Daniel keeps permanent contact with his group in Argentina, guiding, supporting and assisting the practice of his students with monthly messages for the Zazenkai, phone conversations and exchange of mails with some members.

_His way of guiding and transmitting the Zen teachings is deeply rooted in tradition and enriched by his deep humanity, understanding, openness and engagement with the reality of our times.